Thursday, February 19, 2009

Marine Iraq War Vet to return to Iraq as Comedian


Marine Iraq War Vet to return to Iraq as Comedian

New York, New York – February 20, 2009


Dave Rosner, a U. S. Marine veteran of the Iraq War, returns to Iraq next month on a stand-up comedy tour.

A lieutenant colonel in the U. S. Marine Corps reserve, Rosner has more than 20 years active and reserve service. He also served on active duty for the Marines during the Persian Gulf War.

Among his specialties as a Marine are intelligence officer and public affairs (media) officer.

As a civilian, Rosner is stand-up comedian, speaker, and political and military commentator.

Rosner claims to be "the only Marine who, when he kills, nobody dies."

His stand-up routine pokes fun at his experiences in the Marines and being a Jewish Marine, his personal shortcomings, and family life growing up in New Mexico.

Rosner says, "I caught malaria and diarrhea while I was in Iraq--those are Saddam's twin daughters." "My radio call sign is 'Mazel Tov Cocktail.'"

Currently he is writing a book about his atypical life story of being an observant Jew in the Marines.

On most nights he can be seen performing stand-up comedy in comedy clubs in New York City or speaking about his experiences in synagogues across the globe.

Rosner is performing with comedians Steve Mazan and Scott Kennedy with “Comics Ready to Entertain” This will be Kennedy’s 27th trip to Iraq.

Dave Rosner
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