Thursday, October 01, 2009

Why Jews Vote Democrat? A misunderstanding of kindness.

A lot of my politically conservative non Jewish friends, especially fellow Marines, are dumbfounded as to why American Jews continue to vote overwhelmingly democrat. These conservatives know that the democrat party is increasingly anti-American, anti-Israel, and down right anti-Semitic. But the left-wing Jew keeps marching along as if heading to the gas chambers while fighting for the Nazis’ rights to murder. Tough words for a dangerous situation. As an observant Jew and political conservative, many of my acquaintances have looked to me for insight on this topic.

Let me try to explain why my fellow Jews repeatedly “shoot themselves in the foot” by voting democrat. The answer is relatively simple: A misunderstanding of kindness. The bottom line: Left-Wing Jews are flawed. They don’t understand that being truly kind means at times being strong.

We know that it is expounded in the Talmud and further elaborated in The Tanya, of “Chabad Lubavitch Philosophy,” that Jews have a genuine empathy for another person. Look at how we Jews are disproportionately represented in charities. We seem to be running, or involved in, every legitimate to asinine charity out there. Save the Whales, Jews for Matza Balls, Spotted Owl Fertility Clinic, Support the Nazi Party, Self-Hating Jewish Rights, etc… Okay some of those are jokes but you get the picture.

The reality is that, sadly, left wing groups that Jews tend to support are the very groups that are anti-Semitic and anti-Israel. Just look at who is protesting the Israel Day Parade. Listen to the mainstream democrats bash the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel. I have news for the wimpy left-wing American Jew. If Jews are not safe in Israel, they are not safe anywhere else either. Along with gay rights and black rights speeches you can hear Jew hating vitriol from the core of the supporters. My conservative friends, Jewish, non-Jewish, gay, and black understand this. Regrettably, die-hard left-wing Jews are blind to this hatred against them coming from the left. The misbelief that the democrats really help people and that Jews must help others has led us to this harmful dilemma of voting for a party that is of astronomical negative proportions.

The issue is our soul. A soul is made up of Chesed “kindness” and Gevurah “strength.” The challenge is when to use kindness and when to use strength. Jewish people in their nature lean towards being compassionate and must learn how to channel it. You can’t be Mr. Nice Guy all the time. A Marine drill sergeant can’t coddle his recruits. He must be tough. This gives the Marines the skills they need to be successful in battle and, most importantly, come back safe and sound. Being strong at the right moment actually is being compassionate. Are you going to let your child run around like a maniac or are you going to set limits and boundaries? The latter is the answer. This misuse of Chesed “kindness” has caused Jews to continue to vote democrat over and over again.

For centuries Jews have fled rightist regimes and it is understandable that we Jews are wary of the right. However, knowing what makes up the right and left and who they really support is key.

The republicans pre George W. Bush were certainly on the anti-Semitic side but still understood the strategic importance of supporting Israel and not trusting the Arabs due to the Arab’s lack of true intentions for peace.
On the other hand you had Bill Clinton, supposedly a friend of the Jews, thinking the Arabs really did want peace and he shamefully, driven by a desire to have a foreign policy win after lying to the country about his schmekel, offered up parts of Jerusalem as the misguided Israeli left-wing sat idly by basking on how kind they thought they were perceived.

One of my favorite topics is food. I’m Jewish, I can’t help it. So let’s look at the kashrut “kosher” laws to recap this. When a Jew keeps kosher he actually has to stop and think. Their immediate desire for any food has to be processed and evaluated. Keeping kosher is about elevating oneself by doing something holy in the physical world that has ramifications in both the physical and spiritual worlds.

What makes a kosher animal is that it has split hooves and chews its cud. The split hoof represents Chesed “kindness” and Gevurah “strength”. The chewing of the cud signifies contemplating an action or decision.

Some personalities are driven by kindness others by strength. But not all situations require us to be kind or be strong. Realizing when to be kind and when to be strong is key. Jews on the left are not taking the time to seriously look into the realities of how harmful the democrats are to this nation and the world in general. This is the flaw of the left-wing Jews, a misunderstanding of kindness.

Dave Rosner provides insight to news topics from knowledge gained through military experiences of serving in two wars and his U. S. Marine Corps specialties of intelligence, Red Team (Alternative Future Analysis), civil affair plans, public affairs, and logistics. He dispels common misconceptions and media bias. He can use humor to make facts more digestible. He uses his knowledge of Chasidic philosophy to explain motivations and ramifications of human action. Dave graduated from the University of New Mexico with a B. A. in university studies and has a certificate of Entrepreneurship from UCLA Anderson School of Management’s Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans. He invented, raised capital, and marketed a medical device while in college. He is involved in fundraising for film and television projects and business ventures and importing to Australia. He also runs his own production company, Nudnick Productions.