Friday, June 23, 2006

Bring it on Kim Jong-il!

If war breaks out with North Korea it is highly likely I will be going. I don’t want war and all the awful things that come with it, but hey there’s a slight chance I could get sent to Tokyo vice South Korea. Who on earth would pass up an opportunity to go to Japan? Not me!
Bring it on Kim Jong-il! I'll fight you to the death, hopefully from my hotel room in Ginza!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

To Blog or not to Blog?

I only have this because my almost agent suggested I get my blog together.

“You must have a blog David. All the big shots do!”

You mean more writing? I just spent three hours punching up my stand-up and tweaking a treatment.

“Blog David! Blog!” Then he exploded into a mass of over charged importance and high percentages.

See you later guy who was a janitor at a Comedy Club and has the education of a 5th grader.

You used to book people all over. I know, I know you are important.

“By the way Dave, would you like to do my bringer show?

Fifteen people, $300 cover, 14 drink minimum and you’ll get 2 minutes in a real club.”

Mass emailing my friends now…