Monday, November 02, 2009

Glenn Beck and Mitt Romney's "Dirty Little Secret"

Glenn Beck and Mitt Romney not only both have great hair, they're also both Mormons. I don't know if good hair and Mormonism are related, but I'm sure an industrious Mormon preacher can find a link. It is not news that Romney is a Mormon. The left-leaning media loudly beat the drum of Mormonism being at odds with Christianity during the Republican presidential primary. This was specifically aimed at the Christian Right. The left-wing happily blew any Mormon fears out of proportion in order to derail the republicans. But this smear tactic will not cause the same stumbling block for Romney in the next primary.

The anti-Mormon issue pushed by the left worked in the past. Votes that would have propelled Romney over McCain went to the hapless Mike Huckabee. Romney was a much more viable candidate than McCain against the Democrats, and Huckabee, in distant third place, could have done us all a big favor by dropping out of the race. But instead he hung on like an unwanted relative staying past the long thanksgiving weekend.

Huckabee may run, but will not get as many "scared of Mormonism" votes this time around. Publicly, he will chastise any anti-Mormon talk. Privately, he will rejoice in it. Very similar to the world condemning Israel for destroying Iraq's nuclear facilities in 1981 but privately being thrilled. A scenario that will possibly be repeated if a country is courageous enough to save the world with an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities. But I digress…

Beck’s popularity has the ability to quash much of the anti-Mormon feeling from both sides of the aisle. Beck will speak in his blunt no-nonsense way about the idiocy of opposing Romney for being Mormon. No one knows who Beck will support, but Beck taking those to task for fomenting religious discrimination will pay in votes. Any airing of Beck being a Mormon will help Romney. Can you imagine Beck taking on this topic? The power of the straight-shooting Glenn Beck should not be underestimated. We might soon find masses of people moving to Utah, and an increase worldwide of white shirt/black pant wearing bicycle riders to boot.