Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Rosner Plan for the Nukes in Iran and the Syrian Ruling Clan

Redeploy our forces in Iraq to the borders of Syria and Iran. This will most certainly decrease the amount of insurgents coming in to the increasingly stable Iraq and, more importantly, send a tangible strategic message to Syria and Iran. Here we are and we mean business.

On the home front, Democrats will whine and holler about WW III and the imperialistic Bush regime. The Right will applaud this move but not completely support it due to a fear of being seen as too hawkish in a pre-election year.

The reality is that our forces on the borders of Iran and Syria keep the majority of our servicemen currently in Iraq out of harms’ way and gives us an advantage in any talks with either Iran or Syria. From a military stand point, it is a superb opportunity to probe the border for intelligence and hopefully capture as many Iranians and Syrians as we have time to interrogate. It also signals to dissidents that they have another way out of their country. Furthermore, if proper CIA operations are put in place it gives a green light to reformists in both countries to ramp up their opposition to their current governments. Although this would seem to be more applicable to Iran it is still a possibility in Syria.